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Wave Store Surge Comparison Testers from Vivid Metrawatt

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Mumbai, India based Vivid Metrawatt offers Wave Store Surge Comparison Testers.


Vivid Metrawat offers Wave Store Surge Comparison Testers. These testers are used by electrical machine manufacturers, repair shops and users of large electric motors.

A PC embedded flash DC based DSP module and its high speed driver coupled with special applications of software is at the heart of the system in Wave Store Surge Comparison Testers.

One can detect many faults like: Magnet wire problems due to manufacturing defects or poor assembly, turn to turn short, opens and grounds. Advantages: the wave stores surge tester has several advantages over the conventional CRT based testers, which are described as follows: objective and non-deteriorating test standard due to a reference wave form instead of a reference coil; the reference coil can deteriorate due to the repeated application of the high voltage impulses; test waveforms of unlimited number of coils can be stored for future reference.

Contact Details:
Mr. Shahul Hamid
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105, Manish Industrial Estate No: 4 Vasai (E) Thane
Mumbai - 401210, Maharashtra,
Telephone 02506519042 / 0250-2392058
Fax 91-250-2392058
Last updated on: Wed Aug 2 2017

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