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Transformers from Trinity Electrical Industries

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Bangalore, India based Trinity Electrical Industries offers Transformers.


Trinity Electrical Industries manufactures Transformers as per the latest national and international standards for various applications. Product range: oil filled Transformers form 25 kVA to 10 mVA capacity voltages up to 33 kV; and vacuum impregnated dry type Transformers up to 2000 kVA capacity.

Construction features: basically the quality of the Transformers depends on the quality of raw materials and the production process. The raw materials comprise of core lamination, winding, oil, insulation and tank.

The core is formed of cold rolled grain oriented steel lamination with low iron loss. The windings are made of copper and assembled after considering the electrical, thermal and mechanical requirements.

The windings are assembled on the core coil assembly. The phase and tapping leads are the brought out with adequate insulation to be terminated to off circuit, on-load tap changer.

The assembly is dried in an oven and then inserted in to the tank made of mild steel provided with pressed steel radiators.

Then the oil, which serves as insulant and coolant, is filled in to the tank The oil conforms to IS: 335. The Transformers are then mounted with bushings and electrically tested as per IS: 2026.

The Transformers are finished with rust resisting primer and then two coats of synthetic enamel paint. The accessories are mounted as per the specification.

External hardware is elector-galvanised to prevent rusting in out door service.

TEI Transformers have also been successfully tested for short circuit at CPRI Bangalore providing the design and process adequacy. Type of Transformers: power and distribution, rectifier, isolating, earthing Transformers, converter transform, furnace transformer, unit ratio lighting Transformers.

Contact Details:
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No: 32,'Omkar' 3rd Cross Sahyadri Extension Panduranga Nagar Bannerghatta Road
Bangalore , Karnataka,
Telephone +91-80-26596238 / 26596264
Last updated on: Tue Dec 5 2017

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