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Vacuum Pumps from Toshniwal Systems and Instruments Pvt Ltd

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Chennai, India based Toshniwal Systems and Instruments Pvt Ltd offers Vacuum Pumps.


Toshniwal has direct synergy in the field of vacuum technology. Having introduced its first vacuum pump in the year 1970 and the vast experience thereafter has made the company to specialise in vacuum application and achieve a positive image based on customer satisfaction.

From vacuum packaging, bottling, pick and place, heat treatment, and oil purification to paper, plastic, rubber, glass processing, wherever and wherever vacuum is needed Toshniwal pumps are sure to be there.

Toshniwal Vacuum Pumps of the TMS series are single-stage, oil-lubricated, rotary-vane type, Vacuum Pumps with oil re-circulation system.

The pumping capacity ranges from 15, 35, 65, 100 and 150 m/hr. Toshniwal's TMS series pumps have economical features which achieve high pumping speed over the range of absolute pressure of 10000 mbar to 0.5 mbar; high water-vapour tolerance and low noise level; air cooling; no pollution; built-in anti-suck back system.

Designed for continuous operation at high intake pressure, the pump is used in various applications like pick and recovery, etc. The company also provides special B series B series oil-lubricated pump for high pressure (rough vacuum) application upon request.

Contact Details:
Mr. Rohit Toshniwal
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267, Kilpauk Garden Rd
Chennai - 600010, Tamil Nadu,
Telephone 044-26445626 / 044-26448983
Fax 044-26441820
Last updated on: Wed Aug 1 2018

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