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Toshni-Tek International
Manufacturers of high-tech instruments and equipment.

Products from Toshni-Tek International:
Laser Displacement Sensors  
Keyence Corpn of Japan manufactures CCD laser displacement sensors offered by Toshni-Tek International. These sensors feature CCD and 32-bit processor for precise measurement of height, width and position unaffected by colour, surface texture or...

Visual PLCs  
Toshni-Tek International offers visual programmable logic controllers (PLCs), the smallest in the world and the industry's first PLC with built-in display, manufactured by Keyence Corpn, Japan. Access windows enable the operators/engineers to...

Photoelectric and Proximity Sensors  
Toshni –Tek international offers Photoelectric and proximity sensors, manufactured by Keyence Corpn, Japan. Reliable detection of objects is possible using these sensors. The sensors can detect from a distance of 3 mm to 7 m for different models....

Stepper Motors  
Toshni-Tek International offers stepper motors (model a-step), a new generation with closed loop control. The motors position detection sensors constantly monitor movements. If synchronism is about to be lost, closed loop control is use d to avoid...

Induction Motors  
Toshni-Tek International offers induction motors manufactured by Oriental Motor, the standard product line consist of over 5000 product type. The line of compact AC motors include: induction motors and reversible motors for power applications, speed...

Reed Relays  
Toshni-Tek International offers ‘S' series high voltage reed relays. They provide cost-effective solution for high voltage switching needs. These series offers a relay to meet those requirements level DC power switching of RF power handling or a...

Vision Systems  
Toshni-Tek International offers KEYENCE vision systems, as replacement for conventional image processing systems. They work on grey scale imagining so the resolution is high. Vision system (CV series) consist of a controller, camera (with lenses)...

Monitor Microscopes  
Toshni-Tek International offers portable monitor microscopes (VH series) from Keyence Corpn, Japan. These microscopes are widely used to study the surface of any object, like metals, glass textiles, PCBs, bio-medical application, etc. Extra sharp 3D...

Photoelectric and Proximity Sensors  
Toshni-Tek International offers photoelectric and proximity sensor, manufactured by Keyence Corpn, Japan. Reliable detection of objects is possible using these sensor. The sensors can detect objects from a distance of 3 mm to 7 m for different...

Contact Details:
Toshni-Tek International
267 Kilpauk Garden Road,,
Chennai - 600010 Tamil Nadu. India
44-6444214 • 2644 4215 44-6448847

Last Updated: Wed 16 May 2018

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