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The Precision Processing Equipment Company

Products from The Precision Processing Equipment Company:
Linear Actuator  
The Precision Processing Equipment Company (PREPEC) offers Electro-Mechanical Linear Actuator. This is a compact and versatile unit for transmission of rotary motion to linear through a patented precise device. It renders hydraulic and pneumatic...

The Precision Processing Equipment Company (PRE-PEC) Processing Equipment Company (PRE-PEC) offers Winches. A winch is a speciality device among the hoisting machinery used not only for lifting loads but also to haul and erect them. They are widely...

Fire Dampers  
The Precision Processing Equipment Company (PRE-PEC) offers Fire Dampers. These fire dampers have been designed and developed to operate in the hazardous application areas, which are vulnerable to fire outbreak. It has edge over the conventional...

Louver Damper  
The Precision Processing Equipment Company (PREPEC) offers Louver Damper, Model PDL. This is a self-contained unit, with dependable and long operational life. It is used for flow control as well as isolation purpose. It is available from twin louver...

Butterfly Damper  
The Precision Processing Equipment Company has introduced a unique Butterfly Damper. It is virtually leak proof and uses a rotating disc principle. This is a special kind of valve used for throttling control of air, gas, liquids steam and other type...

Lifting Jack  
The Precision Processing Equipment Company (PRE-PEC) offers Lifting Jacks. This has been designed and engineered for optimum safety and efficiency. The modular system and its standardized components make it most suitable for easy installation and...

Contact Details:
The Precision Processing Equipment Company, 14, Chandney Chowk Street, Kolkata - 700072 West Bengal. India
033-22127208 • 2216001 91-33-22127257

Last Updated: Fri 18 Jul 2014

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