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Metal Detector Checkweigher from Technofour Electronics Pvt Ltd

Category Metal Treatment Machinery & Accessories Suggest Category
Pune, India based Technofour Electronics Pvt Ltd offers Metal Detector Checkweigher.


Metal Detector + Check-weighter is useful in the food industry for detecting metal contamination and checking weight on a single platform. The metal detector checks for metal contamination and checkweigher checks and classifies for weight variation of packed product.

Features: a unique combination of metal detector and check-weigher; 100 product memory; diagnostics/statistic data available on screen; security level provided; custom-built solution; dual rejection -- for metal detector and checkweigher optionally; cost effective and space saving solution; PC connectivity; and hand held terminal (option).

Technofour Electronics Pvt Ltd (TEPL) is part of Technofour Group, providing solutions in product checking systems in food, FMCG, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries. The company manufactures metal detectors, dynamic check weighers, pin hole detectors and combo deduster systems.

Contact Details:
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NDT House, 45, Ambedkar Road, Near Sangam Bridge, Opp Indian Airlines Office
Pune - 411001, Maharashtra,
Telephone 020-26058063/4/5 / 020-26058060/1/2
Fax 020-2605 8073 / 91-20-26058070
Last updated on: Sat Jan 17 2015

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