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Solar Water Heater from Tata BP Solar India Ltd

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Bangalore, India based Tata BP Solar India Ltd offers Solar Water Heater.


Tata BP Solar India offers the new Hot Max Solar Water Heater. Using evacuated tube technology, Hot Max is designed with specially coated glass tubes to deliver superior performance that ensures availability of hot water even on partially cloudy days.

The Twin-Pro advantage provides double protection against harsh climate conditions. By reducing electricity bills significantly, Hot Max adds value to life everyday.

Features: high quality tubes made from borosilicate glass; withstands hail storms; no clogging/choking; long lasting; inner coating of tubes consists of layers of copper, stainless steel and aluminium nitride; heats water to a very high temperature; makes hot water available even on partially cloudy days; high quality PUF insulation for maintaining high temperature of water inside the tank; end caps made from UV resistant. ABS plastic enhances aesthetics of product; powder coated support structure for long life; compact and light weight water heater; easy to install, operate and maintain; and works efficiently with hard water with hardness up to 600 ppm.

Contact Details:
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78, Electronics City Hosur Road,
Bangalore - 560100, Karnataka,
Telephone 080-22358456 / 66601300
Fax 91-80-28520116
Last updated on: Sun May 6 2018

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