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Sweden Trading Corporation
Manufacturers of various types of electrically operated chemical heaters, rod type, rewindable, tubular immersion heaters as per required size and sheath material to withstand corrosive chemicals.

Products from Sweden Trading Corporation:
Strip Finned Heaters  
Sweden Trading Corporation manufactures and offers strip and strip finned heaters. These heaters are desired to give maximum useful surface area for quick heat transfer to moving air. These can also be used in hot-air blowing, air ducts forced air...

Chemical Heaters  
Sweden Trading Corpn manufactures and offers various types of electrically operted chemical heaters. The range includes rod type, rewindable and tubular tube immersion heaters, as per required sizes and sheath materials (viz. SS 304, SS 316, lead...

Cartridge Heaters  
Sweden Trading Corpn offers a wide range of cartridge heaters, sheathed in brass or stainless steel tubes (having medium watt density) and incoloy sheathed (having high watt density) in various diameters from 8 mm 0D to 32 mm 0D and 37 mm to 800 mm...

Contact Details:
Sweden Trading Corporation
19 Tardeo Bridge, Diana Cinema Lane, Mumbai Central (W),
Mumbai - 400034 Maharashtra. India
22-3811265 • 022-23804774 22-3811274

Last Updated: Sat 3 Jun 2017

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