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Cutting Machines from Sumitron Exports Pvt Ltd

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New Delhi, India based Sumitron Exports Pvt Ltd offers Cutting Machines.


Sumitron Exports offers Cutting Machines from EBSO GmbH, Germany. The company’s models for PCB assembly line: machines for radial components (cutting and forming) – Model EBSOMAT 300 – taped radial component forming machine (bending, cutting, kinking) for manual or automatic stress-relief operation; Model EBSOMAT 33-1 – hand
Operated trimmer for radial taped components; maintenance free robust machine that is capable of cutting directly at the tape.

For higher throughput, optional motor operation is available; and Model EBSOMAT 200 – universal machine for loose, tube or taped radial components. IC/dual-in-line component forming, cutting machine: A 075 – to straighten and cut dual-in-line components; A 075 Ri – to straighten dual-in-line components

Contact Details:
Mr. Vinod Bajaj
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27 Community Centre, Naraina, Phase 1, P O Box 10227
New Delhi - 110028, Delhi,
Telephone 011-41410631/32/33/34/35
Fax 91-11-41410494 / 25891761
Last updated on: Thu Apr 19 2018

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