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Pipe and Duct Repairs and Re-Conditioning Kit from Stanvac Chemicals India Ltd

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New Delhi, India based Stanvac Chemicals India Ltd offers Pipe and Duct Repairs and Re-Conditioning Kit.


Stanvac Chemicals India offers a Pipe/Duct Repairs and Re-Conditioning Kit. This comprises the following products.

1) Surface preparation: (a) #Z704 Rustex – converts rust into a polymer protected organo-metallic complex that stops the process of further rusting and strengthens the existing rusted surface. Neutral Ph-7.

Rust converted surface passes 500 hours salt spray test. Coverage is 100-125 sq.

ft per kg/25 microns per cost; (b) #Z77 rust and scale remover (RTU) -- fast action, easy to apply (brush/dip) rust and scale remover; (II) Repair/Reconditioning; Synthoglass – fibre glass cloth pre-impregnated with a water (salt/fresh) activated resin.

Repairs and reinforces and diameter pipe in minutes. Initial setting time 30 minutes (24oC).

Tensile strength: 36448 psi; flexural strength: 26100 psi; no affect of 50% sulphuric acid, 20% HCL, 20% sodium hydroxide, gasoline; dielectric strength – 16060 V;  temperature resistance 148oC (continuous)/260oC; (intermittent), (HI) Over-lay: EPIGEN 1311 high build-epoxy coating/#2050 Polyhyb hybrid polymer anti-corrosion coating.

Contact Details:
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15-16, Old Sewa Nagar Market
New Delhi - 110003, Delhi,
Telephone 011-24647252 / 24747199, 24622636
Fax 91-11-24623826 / 24633847
Last updated on: Fri Jan 26 2018

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