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Enthone Plating and Coating Products from Sreenivasa Industries

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Chennai, India based Sreenivasa Industries offers Enthone Plating and Coating Products.


Sreenivasa Industries is ISO 9001 certified and one of the leading manufacturers of plating chemicals, anode the other basic chemicals of non-ferrous metals. The company has been appointed as distributor of Enthone (a group company of Cookson, Electronic Landon) for their functional and decorative coating products-general metal finishing chemicals.

Enthone coatings add value to diversity of metals, plastics and other substrates by improving or changing performance characteristics, extending product life; and adding value. Leading OEMs worldwide depend on Enthone to enhance wear and corrosion protection, improve appearance and enable electronic performance.

Enthone functional coatings are critical components on virtually every car, truck and bike on the road today.

If it rolls, files, sails, or moves.

Enthone is there. These coatings deliver corrosion protection and wear resistance on automotive parts, oil and gas industry equipment, and medical instruments, aerospace and other industrial components.

Enthone conversion coatings, topcoats and seals improve the quality, appearance and corrosion performance of ferrous metals used for automotive components, building hardware and fasteners. Enthone decorative coatings make trumpets shine and jewellery sparkle.

And as parts become lighter, value-added Enthone processes become more popular. From automobile grills, textile, clothing fasteners, watches, spectacle frames, high fashion accessories, metal furniture household appliance and musical instruments, Enthone decorative plating processes make them look and work their best.

Contact Details:
Mr. K Ravi Raj Udupa
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02, Gangadharan Street, Ambedkar Nagar, Vadapalani
Chennai - 600026, Tamil Nadu,
Telephone 044-23624648 / 23624680/23624668
Fax 91- 44- 23622629 / 23622778
Last updated on: Tue Feb 20 2018

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