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Electronic Energy Meters from Socomec HPL Pvt Ltd

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New Delhi, India based Socomec HPL Pvt Ltd offers Electronic Energy Meters.


HPL Group offers single-phase Electronic Energy Meters, available in the range of 2.5 A to 10 A, 5 A to 20 A and 10 A to 40 A in CL-2 with 800 per cent overload capacity of basis cent. These energy meters have features like; instantaneous start, low power consumption; less than 1 wt, saving of more than 30 per cent over conventional meters, rugged construction in steel body.

The meters are also have anti-tamper features, such as: LED indication for current reversal tampering, phase indication, The Electronic Energy Meters record correct energy with same accuracy under reverse current connections and have LED indication provided.

Contact Details:
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1/21 Asaf Ali Road
New Delhi - 110002, Delhi,
Telephone 11-3234411 / 11-3234411
Fax 11-3232639
Last updated on: Tue Oct 10 2017

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