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Vacuum Pumps from Shree Siddhivinayak Industries

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Mumbai, India based Shree Siddhivinayak Industries offers Vacuum Pumps.


Minivac high Vacuum Pumps offered by Shree Siddivinayak industries are oil immersed rotary vane type pumps. The main assembly consists of a main body with a rotor (piston) mounted eccentrically on them.

Rotor is provided with two vanes opposite each other, with spring in between, which presses them against inner wall of the main body. At the rotor revolves, the vanes move in and out of the rotor and sweep the air twice per revolution.

Materials of construction are properly chosen graded cast iron.

All parts are precisely machined, micro-finished and assembled to close tolerances for high efficiency lasting over a long period.

Features include: high efficiency, elegant in appearance and robust in construction, compact in design and lightweight, fitted with in-built air ballast, quick and   easy oil changing arrangement, easy inspection  of oil through  window,  ready availability of spares, after sales service with one-year guarantee against manufacturing defects, models up to S-12A are air-cooled type and provided with single-phase motors, models  form S-13 onwards provided with water-cooling jackets and three-phase motors.

Contact Details:
Mr. Mangesh R. Angchekar
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Plot No. 19, Kashmira Indl. Estate, Off. Western Exp. Highway, Post Mira, Dist Thane
Mumbai - 401104, Maharashtra,
Telephone 022-2845 8372 / 08457073
Fax 022-2845 7073 / 08457073
Last updated on: Tue Jul 10 2018

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