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Position Feedback Transmitters from SG Process Control Instruments

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Navi Mumbai, India based SG Process Control Instruments offers Position Feedback Transmitters.


SG Process Control Instruments is one of the premier manufacturers of Position Feed-back Transmitters. These are extensively used in different industries like power plants, water treatment plants, iron and steel factories, sugar and cement factories, pharmaceutical units, and all such industries wherever signal feedback is required.

They are designed, built and tested to meet the most demanding customer needs and are delivering superior performance in the most challenging in-plant and OEM applications, Model SG-PTx-LN110 is a two-wire electronic transmitter that converts resistance input into current output.

When coupled to any rotary or reciprocating device, the transmitter picks up the travel of that device and provides feedback of rotary or linear displacement. If this signal is supplied to the control room or to an indicating unit, such as ammeter, the current shaft position can be monitored.

Specifications: operating voltage – 24 V DC; working temperature – up to 80oC; load impedance – 600 W; housing – aluminium die cast; cable entry/gland – ¾” ET/PG-11.

Contact Details:
Mr. Baljit Singh
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B-502, Mahavir Vihar, Plot No: 10, Sector 25, Nerul
Navi Mumbai - 400706, Maharashtra,
Website: /
Last updated on: Mon Oct 2 2017

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