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Auto Trimming Machines from Redson Engineers Private Limited

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Hyderabad, India based Redson Engineers Private Limited offers Auto Trimming Machines.


Auto Trimming Machines available in two models: universal auto trimmer and vertical twin head trimmer, for trimming joggling, beading and forming sheet metal pressing and deep drawn components. All the sheet metal components, which are deep drawn in a press, require cutting off/removal of the flash or scrap.

Ties operation is quickly and most economically done in one single pass effortlessly between two cutters by universal auto trimmers, when compared to huge trimming dies and presses and the associated costs. The components can be of any shape and size-around.

Rectangular square or of any odd cross sections. The pressings may or may not have end flanges after deep draw-that is the end portion of drawing is at right angles or straight drawn.

Universal auto trimmers are suitable for trimming, beading, joggling and forming of any size and scrap is at right angle. The diagonal length is no bar.

The machines are designed with latest technology available in the sheet metal cutting line. The cutter shafts move in and out in a rigid slide and are driven by an electro pneumatic system.

The component is trimmed/formed by tee cutter, while being driven by the cutters. For component having no end flange, suitable holders shall be provided.

For components having end flanges, almost separate are provided.

Contact Details:
Mr. Puritipati Gangadhar Reddy
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F-9/B Phase-I, IDA, Jeedimetla
Hyderabad - 500055, Andhra Pradesh,
Telephone 040-23095262, 23091171 / 23095523
Fax 91-40-23096236 , 23713585
Last updated on: Fri Mar 2 2018

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