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30 Tonne Hydraulic Mobile Crane from Priya Cranes

Category Construction & Earth Moving Equipment Suggest Category
Chennai, India based Priya Cranes offers 30 Tonne Hydraulic Mobile Crane.


Priyaa Cranes, having 30 years of experience in the field of earthmoving and construction equipment, started manufacturing hydraulic mobile cranes in 1989. Beginning with 10T mobile cranes, by 1992 it started to make 25T, truck mounted hydraulic mobile cranes.

The company today has a range of hydraulic mobile cranes 3T and 30T capacities, pick and carry version from 10T to 30T, truck mounted version from 3T to 35T and forklifts from in 10T, 12T and 16T capacity.

The 30 Tonne Hydraulic Mobile Crane comes with the following specifications: engine -- AL-412 Ashok Leyland make custom built turbo charged 4 stroke inline six cylinder diesel; transmission – synchromesh gearbox, three forward and one reverse; brakes – front and rear, air operated on both front and rear with fail safe parking brake on real wheels only; axles – front, fabricated heavy-duty steel axle and rear, rigid mounted heavy-duty hypoid gears fully floating axle shaft; hydraulic system -- main pump vane type 105 ltrs/min; steering pump (optional) – vane type 32 ltr/min; telescopic boom for single stage – type I; double acting 125 mm bore 90 mm, dia piston 3000 mm stroke; type II; double acting 125 mm bore 90 mm, dia piston 4000 mm stroke; type III: double acting 125 mm bore 90 mm, dia piston 5000 mm stroke; telescopic boom for two stage -- twin double acting 125 mm bore 90 mm dia piston 5000 mm stroke; hoist mechanism (standard) – planetary gear reduction gearbox, intervene motor, hydraulic fail safe break; safety – system pressure relief valve, lock check valve for lift cylinders; dimensions – overall length 13820 mm, overall width 3050 mm and overall height 3450 mm; and optionals – overall length specified above is for 3 part boom type, overall length will vary depends up ton the boom selection.

Contact Details:
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224/2, Nageswar Rao Road, Athipet
Chennai - 600058, Tamil Nadu,
Telephone 044-26241098 / 65288419
Fax 91-44-26250671
Last updated on: Tue Apr 24 2018

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