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High-voltage Test Sets from Pinkcity Electronics Pvt Ltd

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Jaipur, India based Pinkcity Electronics Pvt Ltd offers High-voltage Test Sets.


Pinkcity Electronics Pvt Ltd offers High-voltage Test Sets (model HVA-40/10), from Adwel International Ltd, Canada. These test sets are designed specifically for testing vacuum interrupters in accordance with ANSI/IEEe C37.60.

the test sets provide up to 40 kW, with respect to ground, at test currents up to mA. The test voltage is smoothly adjustable over the full range and is accurately monitored at the output of the high voltage transformer.

A milli-ammeter indicates the leakage current. A large HV-ON lamp and a complete set of and the item under test.

A large HV-ON lamp and complete set of status indicators give the operator full control of the test of the status indicators give the operator full control of the test set and the item under test. A high-speed solid-state cutout disconnects the voltage on breakdown or flash-over and actuators the red failure indicators.

The HVA-40/10 is equipped with a dead-man safety switch requiring two hand operation of the instrument. A zero-start interlock prevents the application of high test voltage on start-up.

The test can also be used for many applications where AC dielectric testing is required such as, switchgear, insulators, wires and cables, oil, rubber gloves, etc.

Contact Details:
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C-144A, Ashok Path, Opp Community Centre, Shyam Nagar
Jaipur - 300019, Rajasthan,
Telephone 0141-229 7268 / 141-382413
Fax 0141-229 7149
Last updated on: Wed Jul 25 2018

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