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Gun Drills Form Brecht from P R Sales Corporation

Category Deburring, Drilling, Boring, Tapping and Threading Machines Suggest Category
Pune, India based P R Sales Corporation offers Gun Drills Form Brecht.


For more than 20 years, Brecht GmbH of Germany has been manufacturing high precision carbide gun drills under brand name BRT. A gun drill is used as a high-tech drilling tool to drill holes with close tolerance regardless of depth of hole.

Brecht manufactures gun drills from 0.9 mm to 32 mm diameter for almost all types of materials used in engineering and automobile industries.

With BRT gun drills, exact tolerance of IT6 to IT 9 can be achieved and further reaming operation can be avoided. BRT gun drills are designed to meet all stringent requirements of gun drilling applications.

BRT is capable of making gun drills to fulfill all application needs.

Contact Details:
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3, Kedar Apartments, Kothrud
Pune , Maharashtra,
Telephone +91-20-25437591 / 25441501
Fax +91-20-25445255
Last updated on: Thu Sep 27 2018

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