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DC System Supervisory Unit from Mass-Tech Controls Pvt Ltd

Category Batteries, UPS Systems & Voltage Stabilisers Suggest Category
Mumbai, India based Mass-Tech Controls Pvt Ltd offers DC System Supervisory Unit.


Mass-Tech in association with Convertronic, Germany, has introduce MU 1000, a control and monitoring unit for DC systems. MU 1000 offers complete monitoring of a DC system with unique features like battery management with automatic battery test, event history, and remote transmission of system data via telephone/Ethernet.

The MU1000C is specially designed for harsh industrial environment. It is compact, user friendly, easy to operate from font panel keypads with LCD display 2 x 16 matrix clear text indication with illumination.

It can be used in the new DC systems and can also be retrofitted in the existing DC system of any make.

DC systems with MU 1000 shall have following unique advantages: accurate readings for voltages and current due to digital control; precise setting of monitoring and control values since the set values are digitally set and not by potentiometer; settings are easy from front keypad; settings are password protected to avoid any unauthorized change; time delay and hysteresis can be set for each alarm; boost charging of battery manual/automatic operatin or from remote control; battery test function with manual and automatic test according to time schedule (date, time and interval); annunciation of error states on front LC display; event history with record for 100 events with time and date; and all values of DC voltages, current, error states, event history, etc.

Contact Details:
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2/7 Meghal Indl Est, Devidayal Rd, Mulund (W)
Mumbai - 400080, Maharashtra,
Telephone 22-5684338
Fax 22-5670620
Last updated on: Thu Jun 7 2018

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