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Oxygen Analysers from Marvel Engineering Co

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Chennai, India based Marvel Engineering Co offers Oxygen Analysers.


Marvel Engineering Co offers Oxygen Analysers (O-Boy Trace) that offer highly accurate, rapid analysis of oxygen levels in sample gas streams. The oxygen specific, electrochemical sensor has a linear output from true3 zero through 100 per cent.

Long, virtually maintenance-free life chracterises both portable and panel-mount configurations. These broad applicability sensors can be used on a wide variety of gases, as they all unaffected by hydrocarbons and other oxidisable gases.

The unique patented cell block provides a highly efficient flow path for sample gas toenhance accuracy and response time. The Oxygen Analysers are available either as panel-mounted units or as portable battery-operated units, that are convenient, user-friendly and easy to transport and store.

Areas of applications include: air separation & liquefaction; semiconductor manufacturing; gas purity certification; glove box leak detection & inert welding of exotic materials; monitoring pure gaseous hydrocarbon streams; protective atmosphere blanketing; heat treating & bright annealing; nuclear plants; separation, tritium recovery, waste gas monitoring; natural gas treatment & transmission; polymerisation processes; chemical plants, production of nylon orlon & polyesters; power plants, hydrogen-cooled generators; and R & D laboratories.

Contact Details:
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9 Deivasigamani Road, Royapettah,
Chennai - 600014, Tamil Nadu,
Telephone 44-8277774 / 44-8277774
Fax 44-8257559
Last updated on: Fri Apr 20 2018

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