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Freewheel Clutches from Mac Marketing Corporation

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Bangalore, India based Mac Marketing Corporation offers Freewheel Clutches.


Mac Marketing Corporation offers sprag and roller type Freewheel Clutches in ranges fro 20 mm to 220 mm ID. They have high torque, high indexing accuracies and non-contact over running operation.

They can be used as indexing freewheels, over-running coupling and back-stops. They are used in manufacturing/producing fine feeds in textile, printing and packaging machinery.

They act as reduction gears in drilling machine, continuous heating furnace and high voltage current controls and as feed installation in planning, shaping and grinding machines. They are used over-running couplings in rolling mils, blowers, motor drives, etc.

Contact Details:
Mr. Deipak Kumar
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14A Imperial Court, 33/1 Cuningham Road
Bangalore - 560052, Karnataka,
Telephone 080-22200290
Fax 91-80-22205895
Last updated on: Sat Jul 7 2018

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   electrical, textile.
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