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Kirloskar Mcquay Pvt Ltd

Products from Kirloskar Mcquay Pvt Ltd:
Reciprocating Chillers  
Reciprocating Chillers are available from Kirloskar Mcquay in water-cooled and air-cooled models. The following are water-cooled models: KWR 050.1~ KWR 395.4 (HCF22, HFC134a). Air-cooled models would include KAR 045.1 ST ~ KAR 100.1 ST (HCFC22,...

Screw Chillers  
Screw chillers are available from Kisloskar Mcquay in water-cooled and air-cooled models. Water-cooled models would include: KWS 040.1 ~ 345.3 (HCFC22); PFS B' 103.1 ~ 296.2 (HFC134a) and WHS 095.1 ~ WHS 539.4 (HFCI134a). Air-cooled models include...

Centrifugal Chillers  
Centrifugal Chillers available in single and double compressor models. The following are the single compressor modles: WSC 048/050-85 to 165 tonnes; WSC 063-160 to 300 tonnes; W8C 079/087-300 to 600 tonnes; and WSC 100/113/126-600 to 1300 tonnes....

Contact Details:
Kirloskar Mcquay Pvt Ltd
PO Box No: 1239 Hadapsar Industrial Estate,
Pune - 411013 Maharashtra. India
020-26821502/03/04/05/06 91-20-26821509

Last Updated: Mon 9 Apr 2018

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