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Deltafloat DAF System from Kingsley Industries Ltd

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Kolkata, India based Kingsley Industries Ltd offers Deltafloat DAF System .


Kingsley Industries offers Deltafloat Dissolved Air Flotation (DAE) equipment, the result of years of experience in the construction and application of such equipment. The Deltafloat system (patent pending in all major countries) has been designed and developed with computer aided research studies and through extensive testing on the hydro-dynamic behavior of aerated streams.

The flotation unit feature a very compact low profile flotation cell that has no critical moving parts under water. The incoming stream distributes itself evenly from the centre towards the edges of the circular flotation chamber, following pre-calculated dynamics that allow the optimal separation of the solids particles in a very short processing time.

The conditions for an effective flotation in the cell are determined up stream in the pressurized reactor where air is dispersed and dissolved in the liquid to be treated.

It is essential for fast and efficient clarification that the concentration of suspended solids to be separated. The heart of Deltafloat system is the ASR reactor, which allows the pressurized water to achieve a degree of air saturation up to 90% of the theoretical value indicated by Henry’s law.

Thanks to advanced design and modern manufacturing techniques the Deltafloat equipment offers reliable and care-free operation over a wide range of operating conditions with virtually no maintenance. The unit can be complemented with several auxiliary automatic systems, available as options, to control any process requirement.

Important parameters such as sludge density, flow variations, coagulation conditions can thus be controlled and optimized. The management of Deltafloat can be easily integrated in any process leading system.

Contact Details:
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7, Chittaranjan Avenue
Kolkata - 700002, West Bengal,
Telephone 033-22370116-17 / 91-33-22372721
Fax 22257136
Last updated on: Mon Mar 5 2018

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