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Universal Ball Vice from Jyothi Industries

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Bangalore, India based Jyothi Industries offers Universal Ball Vice.


Jyothi Industries offers Universal Ball Vice which is a precision universal vice very useful for milling and drilling of jobs at any required angle. It consists of three major components namely The Swivel Base,The Spherical Ball and The Vice Unit.

The vice unit can be swivelled through 360 degrees over the ball.

The ball in turn can be swivelled over the swivel base through 360 degrees in the horizontal plane and through 45 degrees in the vertical plane. Thus the vice can be set at any desired compound angle.

'Jyothi' Universal Ball Vice is robust in construction and it is designed to take up normal milling and drilling loads.

The Jaw Plates are made of tool steel hardened and ground. The components are made of close grained heavy duty cast iron with Brinnel Hardness of 180 and above and are machined to close tolerances.

The spherical seating surfaces are copy turned and polished to ensure perfect contact and smooth movement in swivelling.

'Jyothi' Universal Ball Vice is a very useful item for every production shop and tool room where precision is the watchword.

Contact Details:
Mr. A. S. Sharath Kumar
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A-18 Hmt Indl Estate
Bangalore - 560031, Karnataka,
Telephone 80-28389691
Fax 80-23610333/23379053
Last updated on: Sun Oct 7 2018

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