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Particle Counter and Bottle Sampling System from Internormen Technology

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Vasai - East, India based Internormen Technology offers Particle Counter and Bottle Sampling System.


Internormen Technology offers CCS 2 + BSS 2/Particle Counter and Bottle Sampling System

Features: online  determination of contamination  classes according to ISO 4406: 1999, NAS 1638 and ISO 4406: 1987; verifies  the filter performance; permits “on-conditions” laboratory oil  analysis; confirms  improved  maintenance; verifies pump condition; determines the cleanliness of stored hydraulic  and lubrication  fluids;  identifies changing atmospheric conditions;  troubleshoots and isolates  problems  and problematic components;  identifies the necessary  of spectral analysis;  determines the benefits  of offline filter units; determines the  optimal  time/frequency for the change  of elements; identifies filter failures; verifies centrifuge  performance;  detects high-corrosive wear;  monitors new system start-up time;  verifies   bearing  condition; confirms target  contamination classes  are achieved; verifies breather condition;  verifies  the effectiveness  of the filters selected; identifies abnormal  gear wear;  and determines new oil  cleanliness.

Contact Details:
Mr. Jwalant Bhatt
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1, Ruby Industrial Estate, Navghar Road,
Vasai - East - 401210, Maharashtra,
Telephone 0250-2392676 / 0250-6450181
Fax 91-2392676
Last updated on: Mon Feb 12 2018

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