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Gasket Cutting Machines from Hindusthan Electric House

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Visakhaptanam, India based Hindusthan Electric House offers Gasket Cutting Machines.


Hindusthan Electric House offers E-Zee Cut Gasket Cutting Machines that are unique, efficient and cost-effective designed to fabricate circular gaskets form CAF jointing, rubber ad neoprene up to 3.2 mm thickness form 2" up to 42" diameter. These machines cut 2 to 22 circular gaskets through a calibrated bar provided a s standard fitment and 22" to 42" gaskets with the help of an optical calibrated center bar.

They are lightweight, manually operated, portable, or rugged construction and practically maintained within 1 mm to semi-skilled workers.

Accuracy is maintained within 1 mm to 2 mm diameter. A set of whole saw cutters I provided as standard accessories to drill stud holes form 12mm to 45mm, once the outer and inner diameter have been cut by the gasket cutters.

Hole saw cutters are mounted on an electric hand drill for drilling stud holes.

Additional accessories, viz, laminated flange table to IS, ANSI and DIN standards, laminated operation and maintenance manuals, cutter removal and alignment key ad 10 mm drill for center hole drilling gasket sheet (for mounting gasket on calibrated bare) are also provide. Cutting blade is the only replacement part and manufactured form alloys steel and hardened of along life.

Spare cutters are provided as optimal accessories.

Contact Details:
Mr. Sanjay Maroo
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30-15-138, Binayak Complex, Daba Gardens
Visakhaptanam - 530020, Andhra Pradesh,
Telephone 0891-256 0150
Fax 0891-256 2901
Website: /
Last updated on: Sat Mar 3 2018

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