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Rheoscopes and Rheometers from Haake Instruments India Pvt Ltd

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Pune, India based Haake Instruments India Pvt Ltd offers Rheoscopes and Rheometers.


Haake Instruments India Pvt Ltd offes rheoscopes (rheometer, microscope & camera), complete instruments that are controlled by Thermo Haake RheoWin software and known for their ease-of-use. Data, video sequences and images can be visualised online as well as stored in various formats for later evaluation and analysis.

The rheoscope-1 is capable of performing standard theological test methods, such as basic viscosity measurements in controlled stress and controlled shear rate mode, yield stress measurements as well as oscillatory measurements for determination of viscoelastic properties as function of time and temperature.

Corresponding to each data point, a microscope image of the actual structure is available.

Due to this, the relationsship between the rheological properties and the structure becomes visible. This is an absolute novelty in rheology and structure analysis.

Contact Details:
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Sr No 15/8, Unit No 2, Kruti Indl Estate, Kothrud,
Pune - 411038, Maharashtra,
Telephone 20-4008656 / 20-4008656
Fax 20-4008657
Last updated on: Sat Jun 23 2018

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