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Steam Jet Ejector Systems from H K Industries

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Mumbai, India based H K Industries offers Steam Jet Ejector Systems.


H K Industries a member of Indian Vacuum Society, is a leading manufacturer of multi-state steam ejector systems in the country.

The diagram illustrates basic ejector operation: a high pressure motivating fluid enters at (1) motivating fluid is filtered in the reformer.

It expands through the converging-diverging nozzle at (2) the suction fluid enters at (3) and mixes with the motivating fluid in the mixing chamber (4) both are then recompressed through the diffuser to. These ejectors are used in a large variety of applications.

Some of these involve distillation, filtration, drying, degassing, deodourising, deaeration and crystallisation.

Ejector systems are available in unlimited range of capacities and can produce a vacuum as low as 1 millitorr or 0.133 Pa with steam pressure as low as 2 ata or 202.6 Kpa.

The ejector systems provide water cooled shell and tube condensers or direct cooled condensers. The company also provides customers with minimum steam consumption at the required pressure, proving it to be the most economical forms of ejector system.

The ejector systems have been tested against actual stipulated customer conditions to gather future reference, thereby increasing the capacity to serve customer needs and enabling the company to offer the additional advantage of guaranteed performance efficiency and trouble free equipment.  Steam ejector system, if not installed with a proper known-how ruins the process. Commissioning of the system is done at the customer's side.

Manuals are provided to help solve problems with ease. Air ejector systems are also provides with liquid ring vacuum pumps to enhance the vacuum.

Thermo-compressors are also manufactured as per specifications.

Contact Details:
Mr. Murtaza Merchant
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15,Swastik indl. Estate 178, Vidyanagari Marg, Kalina
Mumbai - 400098, Maharashtra,
Telephone 26526736 / 26526686
Fax 26526210
Last updated on: Sat Jun 2 2018

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