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Fluro Engineering Pvt Ltd
Manufacturer of Linear Motion and power Transmission Products.

Products from Fluro Engineering Pvt Ltd:
TMS Direct Drive Positioning System  
Fluro Engineering, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company offers TMS Direct Drive Positioning System. Features: drive free of clearance; hollow shaft; no gear transmission losses; maintenance free and compact; high torque; extremely dynamic; driver can...

Single Axis Robot  
Hiwin Technologies, Taiwan, has introduced Sinigle Axis Robot, KA type, for easy system installation and maintenance. The main features are high rigidity, high repeatability + 0.01 mm, compact, light weight and with low price. These robots are...

Servo Worm Gearboxes  
Atlanta Gmbh, Germany, offers Servo Worm Gearboxes for highest precision and heavy loads. Atlanta gearbox family has four different series. The HT-high torque series with 150% output torque and very low adjustable backlash < 1 arc min. These...

Housing Units  
With rapid development in the field of industrial automation and speed progress in production techniques, it is necessary to implement flexible and compatible systems in production.Fluro Engineering advocates a total solution approach to all user...

LM Shaft  
With rapid development in the field of industrial automation and rapid progress in production techniques, it is necessary to implement flexible and compatible systems in production. FluroEngineering advocte4s a total solution approach to all...

Fluro Engineering offers ballscrews and a range of other machine tool elements, with capability of producing JIS CO class for ground ballscrew, and DIN 5 class (up to 23 microns) for precision rolled ballscrew. Manufacturing capability: supplying...

Electronically Controlled Lubrication System  
Atlanta manufactures electronically controlled lubrication system. The function is based upon the grease gum principle. After starting the operation, a nitrogen gas is generated electronically, which by means of a highly functional construction,...

Linear Stages  
Fluro Engineering Pvt Ltd offers linear stages, manufactured by Hiwin, Taiwan, which uses basic ball screws. Basic features include easy to design and install; compact and light weight; high accuracy with positioning accuracy of 0.02 mm and...

Linear Motion Guides  
Fluro Engineering Pvt Ltd offers linear motion guides and ball screws of Hiwin-make. These linear motion guides are available with variations, like light, medium and heavy loads bearing, normal and super precision accuracies, sizes such as normal...

Cross Roller Cages  
Fluro Engineering Pvt Ltd offers cross roller cages from Drupe Engineering. These cages are widely used in cross roller bearings and guides. Precision rollers are staggered at right angles. The rollers pitch interval is short and roller number is...

Contact Details:
Fluro Engineering Pvt Ltd
Plot B-29/1, Midc, Taloja, Dist, Raigad,
Navi Mumbai - 410206 Maharashtra. India
27411922/022-25772177 • 25782331/25778349 22-27411933 • 91-22-25783919

Mr. Riaz Mokashi

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