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Flexible Automation System Pvt Ltd
Distributors of pneumatics, stepping systems, vacuum systems, servo motors, sensors, plc etc.

Products from Flexible Automation System Pvt Ltd:
AC Motors  
Flexible Automation Systems Pvt Ltd offers all types of compact, high-output, capitor type AC fractional HP motors with high quality and reliability. The product range includes induction motors for uni-directional operation, reversible motors for...

Induction Motors  
Flexible Automation System Pvt Ltd offers motors of various make, such as Oriental, Sanyodenki and Mitsubishi. The product range of Oriental motors include: high quality and reliable capacitor-run induction motors, reversible motors, brushless...

Pneumatic Components  
Flexible Automation System Pvt Ltd offers pneumatic components that respond to various needs with a wide range of actuators, vacuum components, valves, preparation devices and accessories to support them by applying proper energy to compressed air....

Contact Details:
Flexible Automation System Pvt Ltd
#412 Prestige Centre Point, Cunningham Road,
Bangalore - 560052 Karnataka. India
80-2282427/2484 080-22257108

Last Updated: Wed 4 Apr 2018

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