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Laser Calibration Services for CNC Machines from Experts Associates

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Pune, India based Experts Associates offers Laser Calibration Services for CNC Machines.


Experts Associates offers superlative Laser Calibration Services for CNC Machines. The company has proven expertise in inspection, calibration and correction of CNC machines using Renishaw laser calibration system.

It has a focused approach to quality and service that endows us with a distinctive identity. The demands of modern industry to met ever tighter tolerances, and requirements of international quality standards, mean that the performance of manufacturing machinery has never been more important.

To ensure that the machines perform consistently, it is necessary to calibrate them periodically. This ensures that the machines are within tolerance.

Periodic calibration not only helps in ensuring consistent accuracies, but also helps in keeping the production costs down by helping in planned maintenance of the CNC machines. Planned maintenance reduces downtime of the CNC Machine.

It also helps in reduction of scrap parts. Periodic calibration helps to develop predictive maintenance programs based on machine wear patterns.

Advantages of laser calibration : 1) Helps in maintaining consistent positioning accuracy; 2) An excellent diagnostic tool for assessing the health of the machine; 3)Facilities compliance of all ISO 9000, TS 16949and Predictive maintenance quality norms; 4) Higher degree of accuracy than any traditional technique; 5) Improved precision of measurement enabling exact nature of machine error to be established; and 6) statistical analysis of the results as per international standards - a) ISO 230-2, b) VDI DHI DGQ 3441, C) NMTBA and d)JIS 6330. Salient feature: 1) Sound Experience of use of sophisticated Laser Calibration System; 2) Consistently efficient services that bear the mark of quality; and 3) Satisfied and delighted customers all over India.

Contact Details:
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E-18, Vrindavan Park, S No: 56, Kothrud
Pune - 411038, Maharashtra,
Telephone 020-25363298
Last updated on: Thu May 10 2018

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