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Plante Batteries from Exide Industries Ltd

Category Batteries, UPS Systems & Voltage Stabilisers Suggest Category
Kolkata, India based Exide Industries Ltd offers Plante Batteries.


Exide Plante Batteries are considered to be the most reliable for standby float application. No wonder it is the most popular battery in nuclear power plants, thermal power plants and hydel power plants all over the country.

The positive plates are made of 99.99% ultrapure lead, which forms the basic strength of these batteries. In addition, the cells are assembled in transparent containers, which make the cells very user-friendly.

Antimony-free ultra-pure lead and large pool of electrolyte make Plante a very low maintenance battery.

Plante also has a long life and it has a proven track record of 20 plus years service life in Indian condition. Plante has excellent high discharge characteristics and is capable of rapid recharging, 100% capacity is retained throughout its life span and therefore no aging factor has to be considered for Plante during battery sizing as referred in IEEE485.

These batteries conform to IS 1652, BS 6290: Part 2 and IEC 896 and are suitable for following applications: power plants, transmission and distribution substations, switchgear operation, large industrial UPS systems and telecommunication equipment.  Exide Plante Batteries come in following 3 ranges; YAP Range – (YAP 5 to YAP 17) – 2 V 16 Ah to 2  V 465 Ah;  YKP Range – (YKP 7  to YKP 35) – 2 V 75 Ah to 2 V 425 Ah; and YHP Range – (YHP 11 to YHP 43) – 2 V 535 Ah to 2 V 2250 Ah.

Contact Details:
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59 E, Chowringhee Road
Kolkata - 700 020, West Bengal,
Telephone 033-22832189
Fax 91-33-22832637
Last updated on: Wed Nov 7 2018

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