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Small Volume Prover Brooks Compact from Emerson Process Management India Pvt Ltd

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Mumbai, India based Emerson Process Management India Pvt Ltd offers Small Volume Prover Brooks Compact.


The Brooks Compact Prover by Daniel is a small volume prover that uses double chronometry pulse interpolation for flowmeter (turbine, positive displacement, Coriolis and liquid ultrasonic meters) calibration and verification in both laboratory and field conditions. Because of its small size and ease of operation, the Brooks Compact Prover is ideal for truck or trailer mounting.

One single prover can be used in several locations for various meter sizes and flow conditions. This small volume prover allows greater certainly of calibrated volume.

The Brooks Compact Prover also reduces cost of field calibration, disposal cost, reduces cross-product contamination, and minimizes product degradation.

It is available in sizes ranging from 8 to 40-inches for capacities from 0.25 GPM to 25,000 BPH (946 LPM to 3,972 m/h). Features and benefits; no leak path; improves productivity while reducing operating cost; improves accountability with audit trail traceable to NIST; recognised by API (Chapter 4.2 and 4.6); global weights and measures approvals; and available in 8 to 40-inch sizes.

Contact Details:
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2nd Floor, 'D' Wing, Modern Mills Compound, Sane Guruji Marg, Jacob Circle, Mahalaxmi,
Mumbai - 400011, Maharashtra,
Telephone 022-24620462
Fax 91-22-24620500
Last updated on: Thu Jun 21 2018

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