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Compact Precision Milli-Ohmmeter from Electro Mechanical Enterprises

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Noida, India based Electro Mechanical Enterprises offers Compact Precision Milli-Ohmmeter.


Electro Mechanical Enterprises offers Compact Precision Milli-Ohmmeter for all round use, Resistomat model 2318 from Burster, the specialist for measurement and generation of small and smallest resistance. Due to the instrument's 4-digit display a maximum resolution of 1 Ohm is possible within the measuring ranges 0..20 m Ohm unit 0200kOhm.

The high measuring accuracy of 0.05% is reached by a ratiometric A/D conversion procedure and the automatic zero adjustment as well as automatic thermal e.m.f. voltage compensation emphasize the measuring stability of the resistance measuring instrument .

Thanks to its uncomplicated operation the instrument fits very well for laboratory use and as it can be controlled through an interface, automation applications in the manufacturing field can ideally be realised too.

This includes among other features the dial of the measuring ranges, the activation of the auto range and the data output.

The relay outputs enable the user to utilize the instrument as a tolerance automat for production rests with the evaluation criterion's too high, good, to small for the measuring resistance. The measurement of resistance probes can be effected with the dry circuit measuring mode by activating the 20 mV burden voltage limitation according to DIN 41640 without any destruction of possible oxide films.

The Resistomat model 2318-V001 combined with the clamping device model 2381 presents a unit for the precise testing of meter samples.

When testing copper, aluminium or brass samples the test sample temperature is very important. As copper for example has a temperature coefficient of approx.

0.4% K, the value measured at 30C is 4% too high. By the aid of the built-in temperature compensation in model 2318-V001 at Pt100 sensor measure the temperature, corrects the resistance value with reference to 20C and display the correct result.

The clamping device model 2381 is suitable for cable probes from 0.1 mm o 100. By the adjustable clamp support the measured length can be varied up to 1000 mm.

Clamping devices for larger cross-sections are also available.

Contact Details:
Mr. Vikas Bhandari
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A-73, First Floor, Sec-80, Phase II Industrial Area
Noida - 201305, Uttar Pradesh,
Telephone 0120-3047426 / 0120-6454404
Fax 91-120-2460673
Website: /
Last updated on: Mon May 7 2018

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