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Electronic Energy Meters from Emco Ltd (Meters Divn)

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Thane, India based Emco Ltd (Meters Divn) offers Electronic Energy Meters.


Emco Ltd offers state-of-the-art electric energy meters for polyphase applications for domestic, commercial and industrial users. The energy meters are microprocessor-based and employ STM technology.

The meters are compact, reliable, accurate, temper-proof and are ready-to-use, replacing conventional electromechanical meters. All the meters are manufactured in fully-computerized environment.

Features include: class I accurately; flame retardant, high impact strength polycarbonate casing; 6-digit LCD display; built-in realtime clock; factory-calibrated with hardware protected lock; and diagnostics. Typical tamper conditions, like missing potential, incorrect phase sequence, CT short, natural missing are detected and recorded.

User-programmable feature allows customers to set values, like CT/PT ratios, multiplication factors, identification nos, tolerance limits, reading of billing and tamper, communication speed, etc. The advantage of these Electronic Energy Meters are lower operating costs and accurate customer billing, provides tamper information, compactness, one-time calibration, consistency in accuracy and ensured reliability.

Contact Details:
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Plot No. F-5, Road No. 28, Wagle Indl Estate,
Thane - 400604, Maharashtra,
Telephone 022-25830517-24 / 40404500
Fax 91-22-25820571
Last updated on: Wed Sep 6 2017

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