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Axial Flow Industrial Fans from Emandi International

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Vishakhapatnam, India based Emandi International offers Axial Flow Industrial Fans.


Emandi International offers industrial fans form Cofimco Spa, Italy, a world leader in axial flow fan technology. Today these fans are preferred for most of the projects worldwide a din India.

Cofimco is setting standards in axial fan industry. The company can supply fans from 2 feet to 40 feet in aluminium and FRP/GRP material, manual and Auto variable pitch fans.

Cofimco fans do no require and maintenance and are working worldwide without any spares requirement.

The fan blades are hollow and innovative.

Aerodynamic blade design given improved performances and efficiency. Other features include: high quality, low noise, extra low noise and competitive price.

These fans are mainly used in air fin coolers, air cooled condensers, cooling towers, radiators, compressors, ventilation, etc; and are approved by various engineering consultants in India like. Engineer is India Ltd, Toyo, UDHE, Chemtec, BHEL, Bechtel, etc.

The company has recently introduced flexi fans for low vibration applications.

Contact Details:
Mr. E K L Rao
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Post Box 2060, 1st Floor Emandi Lakshmi Tower, 28-10-17 Suryabagh, Near Jagadamba Junction
Vishakhapatnam - 530020, Orissa,
Telephone 0891-2567167
Fax 91-891-2567160
Last updated on: Tue Jan 30 2018

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