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Ultrasonic Flow Meters from Elis Plzen A. S.

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Plzen, Czech Republic based Elis Plzen A. S. offers Ultrasonic Flow Meters.


Ultrasonic Flow Meters from ELIS PLZEŅ a. s. have been designed for industrial application where they can measure flow rate of a wide range of liquid media, whether electrically conductive or not, including specific corrosive liquids.

The scope of application for Ultrasonic Flow Meters covers many functions in practically all industry lines.

In Ultrasonic Flow Meters, the flow rate values are determined from the difference between the travel times of ultrasonic waves propagating in the measured liquid in and against the flow direction.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters are noted for high accuracy, excellent long-term stability of measurement over a wide range of measured values, low hydraulic losses and simple maintenance. Ultrasonic Flow Meters are supplied in optional configurations according to the customer requirements, for a wide range of piping sizes.

The associated electronic control unit supplies power to the ultrasonic probes, processes the sensor signals and shows the measured values on the meter display. The measured values are also available at optional electric signal outputs.

Contact Details:
Ms. Simonova
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Lucni 15, P. O. Box 126
Plzen - 30100
Telephone 420-377-517711
Fax 420-377-517722
Last updated on: Sat Feb 4 2017

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