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Elis Plzen A. S.
Manufacturer of ultrasonic and induction flowmeters and heatmeters in water and steam.

Products from Elis Plzen A. S.:
Ultrasonic Flow Meters  
Ultrasonic flow meters from ELIS PLZEŅ a. s. have been designed for industrial application where they can measure flow rate of a wide range of liquid media, whether electrically conductive or not, including specific corrosive liquids. The scope of...

Induction Flow Meters  
Elis Plzen manufactures and offers induction flow meters that are intended for industrial measurements of electrically conductive liquids in water and heat supply system, in food-processing and chemical industries. Induction flow meters meet most...

Contact Details:
Elis Plzen A. S.
Lucni 15, P. O. Box 126,
Plzen - 30100. Czech Republic
420-377-517711 420-377-517722

Key Contacts:
Hana Kolesova
Marketing Manager
Tel: +(420)-(0)-377517731
Fax: +(420)-(0)-377517722
Hana Simonova, Eng.
Sales Director
Tel: +(420)-(0)-377517751
Fax: +(420)-(0)-377517722

Last Updated: Wed 26 Nov 2014

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