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Electric Wire Rope Hoists ABUS from Electromech

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Bangalore, India based Electromech offers Electric Wire Rope Hoists ABUS.


Electromech brings ABUS crane systems of Germany to India, through an exclusive representation agreement. Through this venture, the Indian industry will gain access to the world’s leading, most advanced crane systems at a competitive price, backed by the service and assurance of Electromech, Features: hosting gear-zero maintenance lightweight gear units with silent-running flat bevelled gears delivering the torque required, lubricated for life ; hoist motor-sturdy pole changing motors with cylindrical  rotors and integrated safety brakes are the power house of ABUS wire rope hoists; rope guide-a resilient low – friction plastic rope designed as an expanding  ring provides positive guidance for the rope; bottom pack  the elegant bottom blocks are equipped with protective edging around the rope opening; safety brake-the dual-disk electromagnetic brake features automatic braking in the event of a power failure; cross travel drive- two compact epicyclic reduction gears with pole-changing brake motors directly drive two of four wheels; wheels have machined flanges and are fitted with permanently lubricated roller bearings; ABUS emergency limit switch-two standard switching points for the  highest hook position ensure double safety; electrical system the control system with ABUS LIS control unit includes motor protection functions, operating hours meter and over load protection function; easy plug-in connector – ABUA plug  and socket connections reduce maintenance work to a minimum.

Connections are easy and incorrect connections are impossible.

Contact Details:
Ms. Vasumathi Suryapraka
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4 Subramanyapura Post, Uttarahalli Road
Bangalore - 560061, Karnataka,
Telephone 080-26661200 / 26663005
Fax 91-80-26664159
Last updated on: Sun Mar 11 2018

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