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Backward Curved Centrifugal Fans from Ebm-Nadi International Pvt Ltd

Category Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment Suggest Category
Chennai, India based Ebm-Nadi International Pvt Ltd offers Backward Curved Centrifugal Fans.


ebm Nadi International offers backward curved AC centrifugal fans. These feature extremely long blades. These impellers are highly resistant to dirt and dust.

Moreover their hydraulic efficiency is very high. They are mainly used in sucking mode.

In most cases, a scroll housing becomes superfluous. Depending on the application, it suffers to place a square or round box around the impeller to convert part of the dynamic pressure of the fan and to guide the airflow in the desired direction.

Especially when used in range hoods, computer fan trays, duct fans, roof units, etc., this kind of fan is of particular advantage due to its dimensions and performance.

In range hoods for example, the rectangular-shaped over-pressure area around the impeller facilitates the simple switch from exhaust to re-circulated air. This principle allows the user to freely choose the exhaust air direction.

Material: sheet aluminium/impeller completely made of plastic PA6.6 (polyamide), and glass-fibre reinforced injection moulded round sheet-metal plate. The direction of rotation is clockwise, as seen on the rotor.

Contact Details:
Mr. Jaideep. N
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26/3, GNT Road, Erukkencherry
Chennai - 600118, Tamil Nadu,
Telephone 044-26720103 / 26720104, 26720105, 25584865
Fax 91-44-25371149
Website: /
Last updated on: Sun Oct 15 2017

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