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Diaphragm Type Metering Pump from Dupro Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

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Ahmedabad, India based Dupro Engineering Pvt. Ltd. offers Diaphragm Type Metering Pump.


Dupoly Marketing offers Dupro Diaphragm Type Metering Pump. Model D4#50D.

Dupro pumps are applied for operations such as a dosing, metering, injection, feed, proportioning, etc.  These pumps are designed to deliver flow streams at adjustable and controlled rates. They are used for: i) High pressure  systems; ii) Where low flow rates required are in  ml or ltr/hr; iii)  Flow proportioning: and iv)  To handle  various fluids (viscous slurries, corrosive, hazardous, radioactive, abrasive,  toxic,  melts, gases,  foams, bio-carb,  yeast, food,  etc); and numerous other uses.

Dupro pumps are made under strict quality, control and ensure good engineering. These are provided with plunger as well as single/double hydraulically or mechanical flexed diaphragm.

Dupro pumps constructed from various metallic and non metallic materials, cover the capacity range from 100 ml/hr to 14,000 LPH and discharge pressure up to 1000 kg/cm². These pumps can be   crafted in simplex, multiplex, remote, jacketed, double acting or below type liquid heads with several types of valves combinations or any tailor-made versions.

Contact Details:
Mr. Vatsal Dave
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21 , Chandravati Soc. , Opp. Ratilal Patel Hall, Bhairavnath , Maninagar
Ahmedabad - 380028, Gujarat,
Telephone 079-65444414 / 079-25432710/25851286
Fax +91-79-25432710 / +91-79-25851286
Website: /
Last updated on: Mon Oct 9 2017

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