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Venturi Cooling Tower from Cooling Concept

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Vadodara, India based Cooling Concept offers Venturi Cooling Tower.


Cooling Concept has developed an innovative cooling tower based on the principle of venturi. Process industry has already adopted the venturi effect for several gas-liquid systems like scrubbers, absorption towers, aeration, etc., with better results.

Being a gas (air) and liquid (water) system, cooling tower also requires creation of air current and its effective mixing with water with large contact Heat-Mass transfer area. Here, venturi plays a very significant roll and because of its design effectiveness, cooling tower performs very effectively with better capacity, almost negligible power cost and enhanced temperature drop with lower approach.

In Venturi Cooling Tower, large quantities of air is induced into the tower by cooling jets as it is injected through spray nozzles at the top of the vertical venturi plenum. No fans are utilized in this design.

Effective mixing of air and water in the plenum permits evaporative heat transfer to take place without the packing material. Cooling water collected in the sump is pumped back to the cooling water circuit for return cycle.

Venturi Cooling Tower has the benefits of both fan type and natural draught type of cooling towers. Unlike the fan type, venturi tower performs without fans and fills, hence, does not have associated operating and maintenance cost.

Contact Details:
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304, Shreeji Apartment, 28, Kadam Nagar Nizampura
Vadodara - 390002, Gujarat,
Telephone 0265-2771339
Fax 91-265-2780919
Last updated on: Mon Feb 26 2018

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