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PCB Dust Cleaner from BNF Co Ltd

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Suwon-si Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Republic Of based BNF Co Ltd offers PCB Dust Cleaner.


BNF Co Ltd offers PCB Dust Cleaner, Model BTS-77. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) in electronic devices and facilities attracts dust by static electricity.

This static electricity leads to the PCB short-circuiting resulting in degradation of performance, and shortens service lifespan. BTS-77 is a newly invented material to keep electronic devices and facilities from those possible risks and dangers.

BTS-77 blocks dust from coming into the PCBs, preventing unwanted losses and accidents.

Features: can clean while equipment is in use -- BTS-77 can clean equipments without the concern of conducting electricity, even in high voltage up to 50,000 V; non-corrosive material – BTS-77 consists of unique materials that leave no corrosion or damage on PCBs and all other electronic parts: captures and resolves dust quickly – BTS-77 can slip into any tiny, narrow gaps, completely removing dust; prevents static and noise.

Contact Details:
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7F, Neulpureun B/D, 979-2, Yeongtong-Dong Yeongtong-Gu
Suwon-si Gyeonggi-do - 480770, Suwon,
Telephone 82-31-273-3540
Fax 82-31-273-3543
Last updated on: Tue Jun 13 2017

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