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DC Acryform Conformal Coating from Bharat Bijlee Limited

Category Electrical Systems, Components & Accessories Suggest Category
Bangalore, India based Bharat Bijlee Limited offers DC Acryform Conformal Coating.


Bharat Bijlee Limited offers DC Acryform Conformal Coating, Model DC Acryform/400 ml aerosol can, for PCBs. The DC Acryform Conformal Coating is fast drying single component acrylic based conformal coating.

DC acryform protects assembled PCBs from humidity, fungus and corrosion and also protects it from high voltage arcing and corona shorts. It is easy to apply and touch dry time is 15 to 20 minutes.

The product conforms to MIL specification: MIL-I-46058C and approved by C-DOT.

Contact Details:
Mr. Bharat Bijlee Limite
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37, Lady Curzon Road
Bangalore - 560001, Karnataka,
Telephone 080-25592646 / 25592681
Fax 080-25592823 / 25321760
Last updated on: Wed Jul 4 2018

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