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PVC Gloves from Atlas Protective Products

Category Safety and Security Surveillance Equipment Suggest Category
Mumbai, India based Atlas Protective Products offers PVC Gloves.



Atlas Protective Products, a division of Accent Industries Ltd, offers Starfish™ Plus range of double-dipped and supported PVC Gloves. These gloves, lined with interlock-knit cotton, have a slip resistant surface and thick coating, thereby providing good abrasion resistance and grip in addition to oil and chemical resistance.

These are available in lengths of 30, 35, 41 cm and a unique 66 cm range, and provide protection to the full arm. All PVC Gloves are supported since use of unsupported PVC means direct prolonged skin contact with PVC, which presents a lot of hazards as highlighted below.

Apart from the safer and healthier benefits of "supported" PVC Gloves, they also offer the following advantages vis-à-vis local gloves: double-dipped with PVC to provide good abrasion and tear resistance (blue colour); manufactured on fully automatic machines; the palm area (front and back) have a uniform non-slip design for good grip and free from any ridge-like formations or protrusions; glove length is of 26 cm (±1 cm) and it is ultrasonically welded wit a light-weight and flexible PVC fabric cuff of length 15 cm/40 cm (±2 mm) for leakage-free, light-weight and comfortable longer length protection; eye-hole is provided to hang the gloves for its proper storage; the gloves pass all test for chemical and thermal properties, as per BIS: 4501-1981/5915-1970; gloves are tested against European standards (EN 388) for mechanical risks and achieve a score of "4-1-3-1"; gloves have marking of `CE' with product code and registered trademark of the manufacturer/supplier.


Contact Details:
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430/B, Kewal Industrial Estate, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel
Mumbai - 400013, Maharashtra,
Telephone 022-24924112
Fax 91-22-24924111
Last updated on: Tue Oct 9 2018

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