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Automatic Capsule Filling Machines from Associated Capsules Group

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Mumbai, India based Associated Capsules Group offers Automatic Capsule Filling Machines.


PAM Automatic capsule filling machine range, from PAM Pharmaceutical and Allied Machinery Co Pvt. Ltd.

(Associated Capsules Group) provides both the filling principles, i.e. Tamping as well as dosator.

In both the principles the powder formulation are formed into a slug, which is delivered to the body of the capsules. These process ensures encapsulating hard gelatin capsules with precise dose, gives better weight control and with improved yield.

Automatic Capsule Filling Machines are designed to cater wide range of formulation with powder/granules, pellets/sustained release spherical pellets, tablets, filled capsules and combination of these.

Automatic Capsule Filling Machines are capable of encapsulating wide range of capsules from size 000 to size 5 hard gelatin capsules with and varified output range of 6000; 25000; 40000; and 90000 capsules per hour. The unique design of these machines enables it to handle the empty gelatin capsule and the formulation without causing damage and/or change in properties.

These machines are provided with line machines, which can be handled by a single operator and produces capsules which are 'ready to blisterpack' which can be further be integrated by Pam-Pac range of machines for blister packing and final cartoning.

The models offerd include: AF-90 (T), AF-40 (T), AF-25 (T) and AF-40 (D).

Contact Details:
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Dalamal House, Nariman Point,
Mumbai - 400021, Maharashtra,
Telephone 91-22-22872557 / 91-22-22880461
Fax 91-22-22872560
Website: /
Last updated on: Mon May 21 2018

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