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Nile Pneumatic Nippers from Arhan Technologies Pvt Ltd

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Pune, India based Arhan Technologies Pvt Ltd offers Nile Pneumatic Nippers.


The innovative pneumatic nippers (power cutter) boost productivity and reduce operators fatigue in Indian automobiles, white goods, plastics, electrical and electronics and wire harness industries. The nipper can cut metallic wires, aluminium cables, piano wires, gold, soft and hard plastic etc.

These are manufactured in Japan and are popular cutting blade technology. These Nile nippers can cut wires up to 6mmdia, copper upto 7mm dia, and soft plastic upto 13mm dia, and hard plastics up to 4.5mm dia using heat air nippers.

Contact Details:
Ms. Ashwini Bondale
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B23 , Arhan Pradyangad Apartments, Near Sarita Vihar, Sinhagad Road
Pune - 411030, Maharashtra,
Telephone 020-24329126 / 020-2425 2126/24330789
Fax 91-20-24329126
Website: /
Last updated on: Mon Oct 9 2017

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