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AC DC IGBT Welder from GioTek URJA USHA Welding Machines

Category Welding, Soldering and Brazing Machinery & Accessories Suggest Category
New Delhi, India based GioTek URJA USHA Welding Machines offers AC DC IGBT Welder.


Usha Welding Machines, a well-known manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of welding machines, offers AC DC TIG Welding Systems. These deliver high quality, surety and conformity to give every reason to smile.

The exactitude of quality standard IS: 1851 lies in its world class designing and engineering that took 3 years for the company’s engineers to master. Salient features: quality square wave power supply; stable arc; HF are stabilization; good weld surface; and suitable for welding of various metallic materials.

Specifications: Model – AC dc 300 Pulse;  input power voltage – AC 380 V ± 15^; input voltage frequency – 50/60 Hz; rate input power capacitance – 11 kW; rate input current – 24.6 A; range of output current – 5-300 A; no-load voltage – 56 V; rate output voltage – 22.6 V;  pre-flow time – 0.2 s; clean width – 20-80%; slope-down time – 0.5 s; pulse width – 1-90(%); range of pulse current – 20-315 A; range of pulse current – 20-315 A; range of pulse frequency – 1-70 Hz; post-gas time 2-10 s; arc-leading -- HF vibration start; efficiency – 85% duty cycle – 60% power factor -- 0.93; insulation class – H; protection class – IP 21; weigh t—26 kg approx; and size – 560 x 361 x 360 mm.

Contact Details:
Mr. Ashit Janeja
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B-13/3 Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II,
New Delhi - 110020, Delhi,
Telephone 01126387383 / 01126384597
Website: /
Last updated on: Tue Dec 2 2014

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