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Tablet Making Machines from Advance Machinery Corporation

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Coimbatore, India based Advance Machinery Corporation offers Tablet Making Machines.


Advance Machinery Corpn offers tablet-making machines suitable for manufacturing various types of ayurvedic, medicinal, camphor, ink and other similar tablets. These are fully-automatic machines powered by a 1 Hp motors.

The unique sturdy design of these machines is based on the eccentric press principal and needs practically no maintenance.

The stroke of the machines can be adjusted such that maximum compaction pressure can be achieved.

A die of maximum diameter 70 mm can be fitted onto the machines which produce tablets of maximum 50 mm square or round tablet. It a smaller tablet has to be manufactured then the number of cavities in the die can be increased thereby increasing the production.

The capacity of the machines is100 strokes per minute. The operation of these machines is very simple and needs no skilled labour to operate.

Powder is fed into the hopper from where it enters the die cavity through a chute.

When the machines is switched on, a feeder arm pushes the powder into the die and simultaneously pushes out the finished tablets from the previous stroke.

Contact Details:
Mr. Saleem Mamoowala
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194-A, Ranga Konar Street, Kattor,
Coimbatore - 641009, Tamil Nadu,
Telephone 422-2233257 / 2231543
Fax 422-2563191
Last updated on: Thu Mar 15 2018

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