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Coating Thickness Gauge from AA Industries

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Thane, India based AA Industries offers Coating Thickness Gauge.


AA Industries offers Coating Thickness Gauge that measures the thickness of non-magnetic coating on magnetic base. The coating may be of materials like; as plating gold, copper, zinc, tin, chromium, hard chromium, lead, etc;  as coating paint, resinous coating; as lining resin, rubber,  fiberglass; as film plastic metal foils; Parkerising; metalising; insulation coating. 

The magnetic base may be of materials like; iron, nickel, cobalt, magnetic stainless steel, etc.

Features: dial type direct reading; portable; reading can be locked;  testing foils of different  thickness are provided; can be used in all positions, viz., vertical, horizontal, or in an incline plane; for precise reading, mirror is provided below scale;  and supplied in an  attractive case and instruction manual. It is easy to operate; and in a short time number of jobs can be checked.

Contact Details:
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W-248, MIDC Phase II, Dombivli (E)
Thane - 421204, Maharashtra,
Telephone 251-2870956 / 2871569, 5690341
Fax 251-870956
Last updated on: Sun Aug 26 2018

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